Husker Doc Talk

2014 Episode 9: S&!t Is About To Get Real

September 30, 2014

Nebraska is off to a 5-0 start and Husker Nation is loving it! It's been a while since they felt this secure about a team on the field and what it is capable of. Credit a lot of that optimism to getting back to the old school tactics, running the football.

However, the stakes get higher this weekend as Nebraska travels to Michigan State.  Many would argue that these are the best two teams in the Big 10 right now and for good reason. The Spartans already have a loss but are close to being  double digit favorite at home. They have a strong defense that is second in the nation against the run.

In this weeks Husker Doc Talk Podcast, Dr. Rob talks about why the Huskers should be feeling confident in this game but he's not sold (just yet) on the return of the glory days for the Big Red.

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