Husker Doc Talk

2015 Episode 15: Doctor Rob’s Reaction Mediocrity

November 3, 2015
We learned something new after Nebraska lost to Purdue. Nine games into the season we finally hear something from Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst that he failed to mention last December. The Nebraska Football Progam has to be rebuilt, brick by brick.

This revelation comes as a bit of a shock to a lot of Big Red followers. How can program that won nine games or more in every season under Bo Pelini need rebuilding? After all; this is the storied Nebraska football program, we don't rebuild, we reload! Oh, if that was only the case.

In this week's Husker Dod Talk Podcast presented by The Rimington Trophy; Dr. Rob Zatechka reacts to the astonishing letter to the "Husker Family". We also hear from Mike Riley at his media meet and greet on Monday. Riley knew what was coming, but did he answer any of tough questions or did he dance in circles and run out the clock until he had to leave the room?

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