Husker Doc Talk

2016 Episode 4: Keith Williams and The Big 10 West Division

August 17, 2016
Dr. Rob and Travis like to talk about drinking every week; they didn't they would be talking about a coach getting arrested for drinking and driving! In this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy the first part of the discussion is on receivers coach Keith Williams and how the situation surrounding his employment should be answered. Here's a hint, there is not an easy answer!

Nebraska is coming off its first major scrimmage of fall camp; Dr. Rob discusses what he likes about Quarterback Tommie Armstrong early on.  Dr. Rob also provides a quick diagnosis other parts of the scrimmage.

Finally, who will win the West Division? Iowa is the easy pick, do Travis and Rob agree?  Well, we know one of them does.  Also, who is Doc's surprise pick in the West? 

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