2017 Episode 12: 2-0 Is Better Than 0-2 In Conference Play

October 3, 2017

Sure Nebraska might be 2-0 in the Big 10, but are the Huskers even relevant in football conversations anymore? It's a tough pill to swallow but has some truth to it.

In this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast Presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob and Travis discuss Nebraska's relevancy and what it takes to be part of the conversation. Here's a hint, it's going to take a lot more than two wins against two bad teams. But hope is not lost.

Ticket Express has great tickets and parking available for the Wisconsin game on Saturday. In this podcast, Dr. Rob talks about why Wisconsin is the model program and has perfected the formula that Nebraska should try and duplicate.

If you are going to the game, you might see students participate in grassroots "Black Out." Wear black, red, or white, make sure to get your Husker gear at Husker Hounds with three locations in the Omaha area.

Lots of listener email this week with great questions. Nothing like answering questions drinking great beer from Infusion Brewing Company. The official beer provider of the Podcast.

If you have questions, send them to doctalksports@gmail.com and follow Dr. Rob on Twitter, @doctalksports.

Programming note: There will not be Podcast next week (planned vacation).