2017 Episode 13: Welcome Bill Moos. Now What?

October 19, 2017

Welcome, Bill Moos! Now what? That's the question every Husker fan is asking right now.  What happens with Mike Riley? What happens if there is a coaching search. What happens that is any different than what fans have seen over last 10-plus years.

In this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob and Travis discuss these questions and much more. One question that is pondered, what exactly do people want out of the Athletic Director? It might be a harder question to answer than you think.

Lots of great Infusion Brewing Company beer is consumed during this podcast.  Also, don't forget to buy your Husker tickets at Ticket Express and buy your Husker gear at Husker Hounds.

It's a bye week for Nebraska but that doesn't mean we don't answer lots of listener's questions. If you have a question you can always send our way, doctalksports@gmail.com is the best way to get in touch with us. Don't forget you can follow Dr. Rob on Twitter, @doctalksports