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2015 Episode 11: The Honeymoon Is Over

October 5, 2015
Five games into his first season at Nebraska and the honeymoon is officially over for head coach Mike Riley. Starting the season 2-3 is bad, but it got worse when the Huskers lost to what could be considered the worst team in the Big 10 Conference, Illinois.

In this weeks, Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, former Husker All-American Dr. Rob Zatechka takes a good hard look at the Nebraska's problems. Everyone wants to look at the pass that should have been a run by quarterback Tommie Armstrong; Dr. Rob says it's more than one play, and it's what he sees as the problem has been going on since the first game of the season.

Losing to Illinois was a serious blow to Nebraska's shot at winning the Big 10 West Division.  However,  the bigger question for this team now is this.  Is the season going to get worse for the Huskers before it gets better?  Nebraska is at home Saturday to play Wisconsin. The Badgers also lost last weekend which means there will be two teams on the field in Lincoln with something to prove. The loser will be pretty much eliminated from having a chance of winning the division. 

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