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2015 Episode 3 Unprecendented Access

August 13, 2015

We have all heard about how Mike Riley is a really, really nice guy.  The media love affair with him since moved to Lincoln has been borderline pornographic. Every newspaper in the state has slobbered over him with positive coverage trying to earn his affection.

Well, I wonder how they feel today? Mike Riley is nice... He's just a lot nice to Kerry Eggers from the Portland Tribune. Eggers was given unprecedented access to the Nebraska coaching staff and meeting with what some would consider to be classified information. It was great journalism that gave Nebraska fans a rare look on the inside of the program they love so much.  If you haven't seen the article you can read it here.
In this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast, Dr. Rob discusses the good and the bad that can come from granting access like this to someone other than a local media member. As a fan, it's awesome.  As a media member, there's good reason to feel a little butt hurt.  Good or bad we know a lot more today about the inner circle of Mike Riley and it's a lot more informative than a daily practice report.
Our beer of the week from The Benson Brewery: The Benson Blonde
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