2017 Episode 14: Dave Rimington In Studio

October 25, 2017

Now that he's done being the Interim Athletic Director at Nebraska, Dave Rimington can get back to his regular life. Before that full transition takes place Dave stops by to visit with with Travis and Dr. Rob about his short, but productive time back in Lincoln. Since he sponsors this podcast it only makes sense that he would make a guest appearance don't you think.

Dave is really nice, he let Dr. Rob drink all the Infusion Brewing Company Peanut Butter Stout.  Listen if you are loooking for answers to questions like, is Mike Riley going to get fired? Or, is Scott Frost going to be the next coach, Dave can't answer and doesn't want to answer those questions and we respect that. He does however give great insight into how he was hired and the processes that lead to the hiring of Bill Moos. 

You probably won't get all the answers you are looking for but this is fun and insightful conversation with a man who loves Nebraska and will do his part, whatever that may be to make sure the Huskers succeed.

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