2017 Episode 18: Mike Riley A Husker In 2018? There’s A Possibility!

November 20, 2017

It is only fitting that a miserable season ends with a miserable made up trophy game. The only bright spot Husker fans can take away from this weeks game with Iowa is the fact that Mike Riley will be fired after the game.

But what if Riley were to stay at Nebraska? Would you be on board? This topic is what Dr. Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice discuss in this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy.

Mike Riley is well liked in the state (besides his coaching). Mike Riley has solidified an excellent recruiting class that Nebraska would want to hang on to even with a coaching transition. So is there a place for Riley at Nebraska if he's not on the bench?

Dr. Rob believes Scott Frost is coming to Nebraska, but when? After the regular season? After the American Conference Championship Game? After the UCF Bowl Game? It's about timing, and right now there may not be a good time to leave UCF with the Golden Knights being undefeated.

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