Husker Doc Talk

2017 Episode 5: Who Will Underachieve In 2017?

August 19, 2017

Dr. Rob Zatechka just might raise some eyebrows in this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy

A big discussion this week is what player Dr. Rob thinks will underachieve this season. If the Dr. is right, well the Nebraska offense might struggle a little or a lot. Now let's be clear, Dr. Rob Hopes that he's wrong!

Dr. Rob also spreads some good news and talks about the one player he thinks will overachieve and be a pleasant surprise this season. Here's a hint, It's an offensive lineman so Rob is showing his bias.

Lots of discussion outside of the predictions as we are now two weeks from the season starting. Make sure to get your tickets at Ticket Express and get decked out in your Husker gear at Husker Hounds.

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