2018 Episode 1: The Frost Has Thawed
Apr 28th,2018

Okay we know what you are thinking, you see the title, "The Frost Has Thawed," and this is going to be a negative podcast. Quite the contrary! The title of this podcast is a cheezy play on words and signifies all the hype surrounding Nebraska Football, Scott Frost, and spring practice have calmed down a little.

We were looking for a good reason to get back in the studio to record and drink beer! So on this special spring edition of the Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, we start with the most recent events and work our way backward. If you are a regular listener to this podcast, you know that we can stray onto different topics from time to time and this is no different in this podcast.

Dr. Rob Zatechka has some pretty strong opinions about what he has seen so far from the new coaching staff, and he likes what he sees and hears.

If you want a couple more podcast before August, let us know, and we will try and get back into the studio. If you have questions, you can always email us at doctalksports@gmail.com and follow Dr. Rob on Twitter, @doctalksports.

One more thing, watch the video below to learn more about Scare Away Cancer's Boo Brew 5 event coming up on May 17th. We would love to see you there to support a great cause!

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