2018 Episode 16: A Momentum Shift

November 13, 2018

On this episode of the Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob and Travis discuss the momentum shift or perceived shift in the Big 10 West in November.

There is no doubt that Nebraska is putting up big numbers on offense and after a big win against Illinois and a moral victory against Ohio State things are looking better. But what about the defense? Big runs, big plays, etc. Dr. Rob says it's all getting better. He thinks you will see it this week against Michigan State. 

Dr. Rob lays into Travis about Iowa's three-game losing streak (another sign that things are changing) while drinking the Wet Hop Pale Ale from Infusion Brewing Company. 

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2018 Episode 15: Is There Value In Moral Victories?

November 6, 2018

He's back! Dr. Rob Zatechka returns after a week of humanitarian work in Central America give us his thoughts on Nebraska's "moral" victory against Ohio State on this edition of the Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy.

The conversation goes in several directions as Dr. Rob and Travis Justice during Dean's Spiced Holiday Ale from Infusion Brewing Company. From rivalries to defining what success is, and what the future holds.

Lots of listener emails are answered in this episode, make sure to send your questions to doctalksports@gmail.com, or you can always reach out to Dr. Rob on Twitter, @doctalksports.

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2018 Episode 14: The First of How Many More Wins?

October 24, 2018

Why did Nebraska finally win a game? It could be that Dr. Rob Zatechka skipped and went to the Florida State vs. Wake Forest game instead. Seriously, that's what he did. On this edition of Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, we find out why Dr. Rob was on Seminole territory while Nebraska was winning its first game.

Why we are drinking some find Infusion Brewing beer, we also tackle the question, is now the time to play a team like Bethune Cookman or would a week off like initially planned to be better? Also, the win over Minnesota the first of how many? Dr. Rob and Travis tackle that question.

Lots of questions from listeners this week, some think the defense is still way behind, another thinks Adrian Martinez is the best QB Nebraska has ever had.

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2018 Episode 13: To Go or Not To Go? Overtime loss at Northwestern

October 14, 2018

To go or not to go? That is the big question following Nebraska's overtime loss to Northwestern last Saturday. On this edition of the Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice carry on their Twitter spat on what play the Huskers should have run on 4th and 1 in overtime. Do you kick the field goal? Or do you put Adrian Martinez under center instead of the shotgun?

On the @DocTalkSports twitter page, a fan poll asked what you would do with hindsight being 20/20.

  • 47% Kick Field Goal
  • 35% QB Under Center
  • 18% QB In The Shotgun

Let's not forget the fact that besides not getting the job done offensively in overtime, the Husker failed on defense as well, letting Northwestern go 99 yards on its last possession in regulation. In short, there's plenty of blame to spread around.

Make sure to get your local craft beer at Infusion Brewing Company. Also, a big thanks to Husker Hounds and Ticket Express for the continued support of the podcast.

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2018: Episode 12: The Broken Record

October 9, 2018

The latest Husker Doc Talk podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy is starting to sound a lot like a broken record. Huskers play, Huskers lose. Huskers rack up lots of yards on offense, Huskers make stupid mental mistakes and penalties. The only this that seems to be different from week to week is the beer we drink from Infusion Brewing Company. Oh, and the graham cracker amber ale we have this episode is like breakfast in a bottle!

Yes the losing continues and players continue to defect, but all is not lost according to Dr. Rob Zatechka. He explains the little differences that will begin paying dividends in the future, maybe even this season.

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2018 Episode 11: Coaching or Culture Problem?

October 2, 2018

Is discipline, or lack thereof a coaching problem or a culture problem? In this weeks Rimington Trophy Doc Talk podcast, Travis Justice and Dr. Rob Zatechka discuss just that.

Scott Frost has said there is still lingering rot and termites left over from the previous Mike Riley era and he can't build a foundation that's not on solid ground. Know this, the rebuild of Nebraska football might take a little longer than expected.

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2018 Episode 10: Rock Bottom Is Pretty Low

September 24, 2018

Blame Travis for the first three minutes of this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy. You see Travis forgot to turn up Dr. Rob's microphone so you can barely hear him. Be patient because it doesn't last long.

The good news is that Rob's mic is loud and clear when he starts talking about losing at Michigan. Bad! Really, really bad. Dr. Rob also reminds us that hitting rock bottom also means you can stay at the bottom for a while, but the bottom of the barrel is not a reason to throw in the towel.

The Frost effect had a huge impact on fans, but fans sometimes, or in this case can have unrealistic expectations. The truth is, this team and its players aren't that good... yet. That fact is starting to set in with a lot of people as the Huskers drop to 0-3 on the season.

People want to know, did the Huskers quite against Michigan? Dr. Rob gives his insight. Will the Huskers win a game this season? Dr. Rob dials in this thoughts while drinking some delicious Infusion Brewing Company Imperial Stout.

Also, back by popular demand, we take listener email. Lots of great questions this week as many people need to be talked off the ledge or at least get some reassurance that things are heading in the right directions.

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2018 Episode 9: You Have Questions, Dr. Rob Has Answers

September 18, 2018

On this episode of the Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, you the listener dictate exactly what we are talking about.

Nebraska starting the season 0-2 for the first time in decades means people have questions even with a new coaching staff that was brought in to change the culture and return the Huskers to the glory days.

Dr. Rob Zatechka answers a lot of questions and does his best to talk a lot of Husker fans off the ledge. Taking all these questions required a lot of Infusion Brewing Company beer, this week a new release, the Vanilla Bean Pumpkin. A season just in time for fall.

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Nebraska is at Michigan this weekend, a double-digit underdog heading into the Big House. Going, to be honest, we don't spend a lot of time talking about this game, mostly towards the end. This episode is all about the problems at hand.

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2018 Episode 8: The Cheap Shot On Adrian

September 11, 2018

What does a bunch of doctors do when a player gets hurt? They gather around the TV, watch the replay and see if they can diagnose it. If they can't they sure as hell will talk about it.

On this Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, former Husker Dr. Rob Zatechka gives his best medical opinion on the injury to Nebraska's freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez. First of all, does Dr. Rob think the hit on Martinez was intentional and deliberate? Secondly, Scott Frost says Martinez is day to day, does Dr. Rob agree with that assessment?

As Dr. Rob continues to drink some Infusion Brewing beer during the podcast he shares his thoughts on what he really thinks about handing out blackshirts. His feeling may surprise many of you.

Sure Nebraska got beat by Colorado, but Dr. Rob shares the belief of many other, the future is bright and future could be here sooner than you know it.

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2018 Episode 7: Still Left Wondering What This Team Looks Like

September 4, 2018

Damn you Mother Nature!  There were over 90,000 people excited to see the the start of the Scott Frost era but a little lighting ruined that and now we are left waiting to see what the hype is all about and if the Huskers are going to need that 12th game to get to a bowl.

On this weeks Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice discuss the damage Mother Nature left last weekend and the damage she may have done for Saturday's game against Colordao.

The Buffalos come to Lincoln after an easy win over Colorado State and it appears they pack a lot of fire power. Now it remains to be seen of Colorado is that good offensivley or if the team they played was just that bad. Regardless, Dr. Rob says the one game gives Colordao the edge, even if it is a slight one. 


Rimington Trophy Watchlist Spotlight

Ross Pierschbacher/Alabama


As always Travis and Dr. Rob are drinking Infusion Brewing Company beer, this week it's the Metz Jubilee. Make sure to follow Dr. Rob on Twitter, @doctalksports and you can email your questions for next weeks podcast to doctalksports@gmail.com.

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