Husker Doc Talk

2015 Episode 17: Are Bye Weeks Good?

November 18, 2015

Just because the Huskers aren't playing this week doesn't mean we can't talk about them. Dr. Rob Zatechka has never been a big fan of bye weeks, but has he changed his tune this year? Nebraska has momentum after putting together two straight wins. In this weeks Huskers Doc Talk Podcast presented by The Rimington Trophy we discuss; does taking break put the breaks on the momentum or actually play in favor of the Big Red?

Dr. Rob and Travis Justice also discuss some of the off the field distractions that started on Sunday for the Huskers.  An alleged rape at the home of Tommy Armstrong and Jordan Westercamp. No suspects are named at this time and Lincoln police say it could be weeks before any charges are filed, if any at all. However, the way the events unfolded and the appearance of lack of communication between the players, coaches, and the University was a little odd.

It wouldn't be a podcast if we didn't mention Bo Pelini! Nebraska fans were excited to see Bo blow up last week at his new job. Dr. Rob tells us what he felt like watching it.

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We will be back next week! Huge game as the Huskers get ready for the Hawkeyes. That means Rob vs. Travis!