Husker Doc Talk

2016 Episode 10: Social Justice and Uncle Milt

September 27, 2016
This Rimington Trophy Doc  Talk podcast goes in a lot of directions so be prepared for the roller coaster.  About halfway through, Dr. Rob got the news that his position coach, Milt Tenopir passed away.  You can't hear in his voice, but Rob is visibly shaken when talking about Milt. It's easy to listen to Dr. Rob (as with many others) and get a feel for how much Milt meant to him, the football program, and the state of Nebraska. At first, Dr. Rob didn't want to talk about Milt's death; I'm so glad he decided to, and I know you will be as well.

We start off the podcast talking about social justice, or injustice depends on how you feel about people and in this case three Huskers not standing for the national anthem.  Now you are probably thinking, what can and two middle-aged white guys offer to the conversation?  Think we go pretty deep into the subject, and we don't' pussyfoot around Michael Rose-Ivey's statement from Monday. We would love to hear your thoughts, (good and bad) however no racists comments will be allowed.

We finally get around to talking about this week's game with Illinois.  Where does Nebraska stack up in the Big 10 West? Are the Huskers in the driver's seat? We try and answer these questions over the course of the hour.

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