Husker Doc Talk

2017 Episode 11: Is It Getting Any Better?

September 26, 2017

Everywhere we go we people want to know if things are getting better? The answer to this question, it depends on how you look at the situation.

In this week's Husker Doc Talk Podcast Presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob and Travis discuss all things Huskers. Sure we could beat a dead horse like who's going to be the next Athletic Director, but that's dominated the conversation over the last week. However, you can vote for who you want to and win two free club seats to the Wisconsin game from Ohio State courtesy of Ticket Express.

On this podcast, we are drinking Infusion Brewing Company beer and answering a lot of listener email. We have been doing this a long time, and we have realized our best opinions start with questions by fans. Yes, questions about the AD, the coach, and the offensive line. If you have a question that you needs answering drop us an email at or reach out to Dr. Rob on Twitter @doctalksports.

Win or lose, wear your Husker gear with pride and wear only the best from Husker Hounds! Three locations in the Omaha, area and online at

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