2017 Episode 19: Waiting For The December Frost

November 29, 2017

The waiting is the hardest part! Waiting for the next head coach (Scott Frost) to be named is hard for the fans as they are ready for the future now!

But what is the wait like for the players? On this episode of the Husker Doc Talk Podcast presented by the Rimington Trophy, Dr. Rob and Travis talk to Zach Potter. The former Husker was a junior when Bill Callahan was fired and played his senior year for Bo Pelini. Zach talks about the wait and the transition that takes place. His experience gives us a glimpse of what the players on the roster right now are going through as they wait just like everyone else.

It wouldn't be a Husker Doc Talk Podcast if we weren't drinking beer from Infusion Brewing Company. Hear our review of the Pistachio Porter!

You know beer makes a great holiday gift! So do tickets from Ticket Express and gear from Husker Hounds.

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