Husker Doc Talk

2019 Episode 11: The 2019 Season Opener Preview

August 26, 2019

Are you ready for the season to kick-off? In today's 24/7, 365-day news cycle it can seem like an eternity between the end of football season and the beginning of a new one. Hell, this is our 11th podcast of 2019, and there hasn't been a game played yet.

The wait is over! The Husker take on South Alabama on Saturday. Now ask yourself, are you excited to see South Alabama or are you just happy to get the season started and start looking toward the Colorado game? Dr. Rob has some thoughts.

Dr. Rob Zatechka was a captain his senior season; he weighs in on the responsibility of the honor as Nebraska named its captains for 2019 last week.

Also, Dr. Rob has some thoughts on the "alternative" uniforms the Huskers will wear in 2019, here's a hint, he's not a big fan.

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