Husker Doc Talk

2020 Episode 11: Huskers Don’t Play Nice In The Big 10

November 1, 2020

If you believe the so-called "elite" college football media, you would think Nebraska was a big bad bully! Paul "Pencil Neck" Finebaum called the Huskers an embarrassment to the league for wanting to play a non-conference game after their scheduled contents with Wisconsin was canceled. 

In our opinion, the media is way off base, and the majority of fans have it right; all Big Ten teams should be allowed to play non-conference games if something gets canceled.  In fact, Travis Justice ran a poll for his morning show in Des Moines, and 82.8 percent of those who voted said non-conference games were okay. 

Enjoy this edition of the Rimington Trophy Husker Doc Talk Podcast. We cover a lot.  Congratulations to our friend Chad Carr at Ticket Express for reaching the 28-year milestone! 

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