Husker Doc Talk

2021 Episode 13: The Origin of the Pipeline

September 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered where the term "Pipeline" was coined for the Nebraska offensive line?  Dr. Rob Zatechka tells us the story of how it took over 3-years to convince the powers to be to go along with the idea. It's a great story that started with a question from Chad Carr from Ticket Express in this week's Ticket Talk segment brought to you by Ticket Express. 

The Rimington Trophy presents this weekly podcast during the season. Nebraska is now 2-1 on the season after taking care of Buffalo on September 11. It's ironic that Dr. Rob tells the Pipeline story because a lot of the questions coming in from listeners are about the offensive line. Dr. Rob goes into great detail about the o-line, says one excuse he's not buying is being inexperienced and youth. 

Also, Oklahoma is up next for Nebraska. The 50th Anniversary of the game of the century. What does the showdown with the Sooners mean to Dr. Rob? You might be surprised after listening. 

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